• Coiling & Bindling

  • Automatic Cable Cutting and Winding Machine, Cable Winding and Tying Machine, Nylon Cable Tie Tying Machine, Wire Binding Machine, Wire Bundling Machine
  • Semi-auto strip twist brush

  • Jingwei is a leading manufacturer of automatic wire stripping and crimping machine in China, we provide various types of wire stripping machine
  • Blades

  • Terminal machine blade,wire stripper blade, wire cutting machine blade, tungsten steel blade
  • Terminal Tensile Tester

  • Terminal Tensile Tester,terminal pull-off force tester, wire pull tester Wire Crimping Force Tester, Crimping Force Tester Machine
  • Cut machine

  • tape cutting machine, belt cutting machine, webbing cutting machine, care label cutting machine, narrow fabric tape cutting machine
  • Cable labeling machine

  • Cable labeling machine,Wire labeling machine,labeling machine, label applicator,Tube Labeling Machine, Cable Wrap Around Labeling Machine
  • Automatic Crimp Machine

  • Crimping Machine, Fully Automatic Wire Stripping and Crimping Machine, Wire Cutting Stripping and Crimping Machine, Wire Sealing and Crimping Machine
  • Crimping tools

  • Crimping tools,Crimp Applicators and Crimp Blades in China, We Supply Terminal Crimp Applicator, Terminal Crimping Applicator
  • Auto Wire feeder

  • Auto Wire feeder,wire dereeler, cable dereeler, wire prefeeder, cable prefeeder, wire prefeeding machine, cable prefeeding machine
  • Automatic soldering machine

  • Automatic soldering machine,USB Soldering Machine, Automatic USB Soldering Equipment, USB Cable Soldering Machine
  • Nylon Cable Tie Machine

  • Nylon Cable Tie Machine,Cable Tie Tying Machine,Nylon Tie Tying Machine, Nylon Tying Machine,Hand-held tie machine
  • Injection machine

  • Injection molding machine,Injection Molding Machine for AD Plug, Vertical Plastic Injection Molding Machine for Plug Connects
  • Brazing welding machine

  • Brazing welding machine,Soldering Machine,Robot Fully Automatic Double Station, Rotary Soldering Machine for Circuit Board Welding
  • Screw fastening machine

  • Screw fastening machine,Screw Driving, Screw Fastening, Fastening Robot,Power Tools, Fastening Robot, Electric Tool
  • Power cord crimping machine

  • Power cord crimping machine,Power Cord Crimping,Power Plug Insert Crimping, Power Plug Insertion,Power Cord Pin Insert Machine, EU Plug Crimping
  • wire harness tester

  • wire harness tester,Portable Terminal Cross Section Analyzer, Terminal Crimp Cross Section Analyzer Machines, Terminal Cross Section of The Analyzer
  • Glue Dispensing Robot

  • Glue Dispensing Robot Archives,Melt Glue Dispensing Robot, Automatic Hot Melt Glue Dispensing Robot, Three Axis Hot Melt Glue Dispenser
  • Packing materials

  • PE Twisting tie,Cable tie, iron core tie ,Twist Tie, Twist Ties, Candy Bag Twist Tie Twistband Wire, Twist Ties, PVC Ties Wire

About Us

XIAMEN JINGWEI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.  is a professional manufacturer enterprise engaged in wire and cable manufacture equipment and wire end processing equipment.

Our main products: wire coiling machine,wire binding machine,wire stripping machine,wire cutting machine,  terminal crimping machine, tube cutting machine,wire peeling machine, etc.